June 5, 2024

In the Blink of an Ear

A sound workshop where listening is proposed as a tool to pick up various layers of clues about the surrounding spaces and living others.

— Daria Nedelcu

June 22, 2023

70 Packs

The photo-video documented installation by the artists Mălina Ionescu and Andreea Medar.

— Ilina Schileru

January 4, 2023

Art Takes a Seat

An instance of communication between the world of art and the world of film – a single installation made up of works created for or connected to the cinema auditorium.

— Bogdan Bălan

December 29, 2022

Man and Dog

A debut that heralds a first-rate filmmaker.

— Mihai Fulger

November 15, 2022

Eforie Sud – A New Cultural Hotspot

More on all the wonderful events that transpired this summer in Eforie Sud, from concerts and movies to performance art, historical research and eco-activism.

— Marina Oprea

August 25, 2021

The School of Art Criticism and Journalism

The School of Art Criticism and Journalism, initiated by the Contrasens Cultural Association in Timișoara, aims to perfect the skills for the career makers that are only starting out.

— Ada Muntean