Revista ARTA was, between 1954-1993, the most important contemporary art magazine in Romania. It went out of circulation between 1993-2010, with a short comeback in 2000-2001. In 2010 it launched in its current format. The online edition was founded in 2014.

A partial digitized collection of the magazine can be found here.

The purpose of the magazine is to map the Romanian contemporary art scene, to document it and offer a critical evaluation of its manifestations.

The print version brings together essays, reviews, interviews and special issues. It is published as a double issue three times a year and proposes critical discussions about artistic and cultural phenomena in Romania, analyzed against the backdrop of the international context.

The website is dedicated to the Romanian art scene and proposes texts about the exhibitions, events and projects of Romanian artists and curators, taking place in the local as well as the international context.

Revista ARTA is published by the Romanian Artists’ Union (Uniunea Artiștilor Plastici din România). The online magazine receives the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (Administrația Fondului Cultural Național).


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the published articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Revista ARTA.


Director: Petru Lucaci
Editor-in-chief: Magda Cârneci


Managing editor: Gabriela Mateescu (2020-), Georgiana Cojocaru (2019), Igor Mocanu (2014-18)
Graphic design: Gabriela Mateescu (2020-), Andrei Turenici (2019), Maria Drăghici (2019), GRAPHO MAT (2018-19), Mihai Șovăială (2017), Corina Gabriela Duma (2010-17)
Assistent: Andrei Predescu (2022-)


Founding editor: Cristina Bogdan
Editor: Marina Oprea (2020-), Cristina Bogdan (2014-19)
Translations: Marina Oprea, Georgiana Cojocaru, Rareș Grozea, Gizella Popescu, Adelina Luft, Irina-Gabriela Rus, Bogdan Scoromide, Florin Ionescu, Marina Paladi, Ruxandra-Maria Rădulescu, Camelia Diaconu, Liliana Popescu, Patricia Măroiu
Graphic design and code: Modem Studio


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