Igor Mocanu

Igor is a PhD researcher in the Art History department of the National University of the Arts Bucharest / UNARTE, with a dissertation titled Political avant-garde. The other face of Romanian avantgarde in social, political and economic documents and coordinated by Prof. Ruxandra Demetrescu. He writes critical texts in magazines and newspapers such as CriticAtac, Art Dance News, Art Ploshadka, and Idea art + society. He has curated several exhibitions of modern and contemporary art and is currently developing the project The Avantgarde revisited. European avantgarde in the Romanian National Archive of Films at the Romanian Cinematheque. He edited together with Ion Manolescu the anthology 1984. The Last generation of Romanian comunism (UNIBUC, 2008), was part of the literary and visual arts project Rubik (Polirom, 2008, edited by Simona Popescu) and is a contributor to the collections Critic Atac. Antologie I (Cartier, 2011, edited by Vasile Ernu), See what we do! (Pionier press, 2013, edited by Arina Stoenescu), Infranegrul (Aius, 2014, edited by Petrișor Militaru).


August 19, 2015

An enchanting book

Pepluspatru recently published an important book for those who are interested in the evolution of the Romanian transcultural modernism and the urban and architectural history of Romanian tourism.

— Igor Mocanu

December 14, 2014


25 years after the December 1989 events, a group of Romanian sculptors remember, discuss and sometimes argue with the recent past. An interview with the show's curator, Ioana Ciocan.

— Igor Mocanu