December 25, 2020

All Certainties Start to Waver

The execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu on December 25th, 1989 remains a topic of contradictory discussion. Artist Anton Roland Laub visited the sites of the events for a work on memory culture.

— Christina Tilmann

May 23, 2018

Let’s talk performance art

Metaphor. Protest. Concept. Performing art in Romania and Moldova is a unique publication entirely consisting of interviews with local artists that have worked predominantly in the performative area.

— Marina Oprea

March 7, 2018

Mămăligă de Varșovia

Mămăligă de Varșovia (“Warsaw Bitter Maize Porridge” – on their second issue) does not exist solely on paper, but is the product a socially engaged and culturally active collective.

— Rareș Grozea

February 23, 2017

Roman Tolici – superlative figurative

Roman Tolici is less interested in non-figurative forms; he does not wish to show the viewer something unparalleled because he thinks that the world's existing representations still speak out.

— Marina Oprea

August 19, 2015

An enchanting book

Pepluspatru recently published an important book for those who are interested in the evolution of the Romanian transcultural modernism and the urban and architectural history of Romanian tourism.

— Igor Mocanu