In October 2016, Revista ARTA editor Cristina Bogdan travels to Prague and Brno for 2 weeks, where she also meets Karolina Plinta, editor-in-chief of Szum. Together with editor Klára Peloušková and editor Gergely Nagy, they decide to create a network among their publications.

With the support of AFCN, East Art Mags, the residency program for young East European art critics, kicks off in March 2017. It links Revista ARTA,, and Szum.

As part of the program, Polish writers visit Bucharest and Cluj, and write about the local scenes, whilst contributors of Revista ARTA travel to Warsaw to discover the artworld there.


March 7, 2018

Mămăligă de Varșovia

Mămăligă de Varșovia (“Warsaw Bitter Maize Porridge” – on their second issue) does not exist solely on paper, but is the product a socially engaged and culturally active collective.

— Rareș Grozea

July 24, 2017

Meeting the Stars

A fragmentary survey of the young art scene in Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow, as seen between May 29th and June 14th.

— Rareș Grozea