Mihai Ivașcu

Mihai Ivașcu (b. 1997, Bucharest) writes poetry and theater and works as a communication specialist. He holds a degree in Advertising, completed a master's degree at CESI with a focus on performing arts and a dissertation on the camp phenomenon in Bucharest. He debuted in poetry in 2019 (pe cer jetoane, CDPL), and in theater in October 2023 with the writing of the text AZI NU (dir. Anca Stoica & Sergiu Diță, in Târgu Mureș). He sees life as a spectacle, which makes it bearable no matter what, and sometimes even unbearably beautiful.

October 30, 2023

On “Hybridentity”

Interview with actress Adriana Butoi, whose performance opens the "Iridescent" Festival at CNDB.

— Mihai Ivașcu