Richard Pettifer

Richard Pettifer is an Australian director, critic, and theatre theorist based in Berlin. As a critic and artist focused on former ‘Eastern Bloc’ countries, he has been invited to many regional festivals and events. He was guest critic at the Estonian festival DRAAMA, Latvian Theatre Showcase 2018, and Patos OFF! Iranje in Serbia. His theoretical work is published in the University of Arts Targu Mures journal Symbolon (2018), and the University of Tartu journal Methis (Winter, 2021). He has collaborated with major government institutions such as the German Environment Bureau (Stay, 2017), and the European Commission (My Data and Me, 2019), as well as working for the Komische Oper Berlin, Melbourne Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre Sydney, and Opera Australia as an Assistant Director. He is currently Artistic Director of Faki festival, Zagreb, Croatia.

February 10, 2022

An Audience Without the Public

The exhibition "Projections for Future History" tracks the disappearance of cultural infrastructure in Romania post-revolution, and speculates on the emptiness of its future.

— Richard Pettifer

October 12, 2015

Revolutionary Gear

Veda Popovici’s work on display at Atelier 35 uses the tool of re-historicisation – or re-narration – of art history as a starting point for a revolutionary feminist discourse.

— Richard Pettifer