Mihai Lukács

Mihai Lukacs (b. 1980) is a stage director, performer, theorist. Lukacs holds a PhD in comparative gender studies from Central European University Budapest with a thesis on the male hysteria of the modernist directors Stanislavsky, Meyerhold and Artaud. His last performative practices talk about the relationship between the Roma people and the gadje (Gadjo Dildo, Bucharest 2015; Sara Kali- The Dark Madonna, Vienna 2014), public humiliation (Public Humiliation # 1-3, Vienna 2013; Like a Bit of Luggage, 2013; PRIMVS, Hanover 2014; Public Art Humiliation, Bucharest 2015), sexual liberation (Queer Worker, Vienna 2013; Queercore, Bucharest 2012; Jehanne Unscharf, Bucharest 2012), faith and exclusion (Iovan, Bucharest 2016; The Congregation of the Castoffs, Bucharest 2015), forced evictions and homelessness (Razzing, Bucharest 2014; Signs for Adult Homeless Persons, Cluj 2013) and they generally speak about vulnerability, weaknesses and inter-subjectivity. He is currently writing a book about abolitionism and modernity.