Andra Nikolayi

Andra "Amber" Nikolayi is a sound artist and researcher. They did a masters on the use language in experimental music at the Art History and Aesthetics department of Université Paris 8 and received their MFA from L’École nationale supérieure des beaux arts de Paris in 2015, focusing on sound and performance art.

Their activity as a freelance journalist began in 2007 writing for the contemporary arts section of Time Out Bucuresti, followed by many other collaborations including Rush Hour, Resident Advisor, The Attic Magazine and other Romanian publications.

They now write about all things electronic music for Bandcamp Daily and Romanian pop-feminist mag Cutra.

Between 2016 and 2018, they ran a weekly music podcast on Pigalle Paris Radio and curated ODD Nights. They also DJ and used to run the concert photoblog Feral N0is3.

Based in Bucharest but they seem to always be in Berlin somehow.

September 15, 2017

New Kids On The Eastern Block

Prague contemporary art may not be all that exciting, but the infusion of fresh blood and downright badassery from those crusty club kids might just be what they should be looking for.

— Andra Nikolayi

September 1, 2016

Almost a Holiday

The sheer existence of an event such as Outernational Days, especially in a context like Bucharest, is a pretty huge, almost miraculous deal.

— Andra Nikolayi

May 5, 2016

Three Nights Under the Full Moon

Due to a fortunate coincidence this year, the Rokolectiv electronic music and art festival seems to have benefited from this lunar tutelage.

— Andra Nikolayi