Marina Paladi

Marina Paladi is from The Republic of Moldova and is a master's student in Heritage, Restoration and Curation Department at the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timișoara. She is interested in the intersections between art, literature and film.

September 28, 2023

The Archaeologies of Memory

Artist Tatiana Fiodorova questioned the ways of constructing memory and identity through the exhibition Sat - Сад at the National Art Museum of Moldova in Chișinău.

— Marina Paladi

May 18, 2023

Game On

The "Game On" exhibition revives the concept of solidarity in the artistic discourse.

— Marina Paladi

December 9, 2021

Spatializing Intimacy

Artists Mălina Ionescu and Andreea Medar return to the joint project VIAE FERRAE after a year and a half, once again approaching the concept of reconfigured space via compression and overlap.

— Marina Paladi

September 1, 2021

L’Anatomia Del Cavallo

With the worsening ecological crisis and the extinction of more and more species comes the urgency for change, a change not just within interspecies interaction but also in the way we perceive animals

— Marina Paladi

February 17, 2021

Europa Wonderland

Europa Wonderland and Body Space: Territories and Citizenship, two exhibitions taking place at the same time, simulates a kind of Wonderland of seeking an identity and personal and social frustrations

— Marina Paladi

April 1, 2020

Beauty Lies In The Phone Of The Beholder

In recent years, the art-technology duo has become so commonplace that its mere display as a novelty is no longer appealing, not even in the Romanian context which seems to always drag behind.

— Marina Paladi