Miron Ghiu

Obsessed with new technology and a close manipulator of all sounds, Miron Ghiu lives in a continuous present. He enjoys bathing online and hanging out offline, surrounded by loads of buttons to press and speakers to echo in. An anarchist at heart, he would happily fill the streets with stickers and use only solar panels as energy source - if only his fellow countrymen allowed him to. As online storyteller, he specializes in electronic music and virtual reality; as fetishist, he turns to cables, black carrots, bipolar bears, zebras and foxes. He hates talking on the phone, watching TV, and running out of tobacco.


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June 26, 2020

Detune Everything

In-depth discussion on hyper-spectralism and experimental approaches to classical forms of music with Diana Miron.

— Miron Ghiu

November 26, 2015


"Bucureşti Sud" questions this particular area of the capital from the perspective of the industrial and post-industrial spaces that can be reconverted into artistic spaces or spots for hosting events

— Miron Ghiu

November 9, 2015


This text discusses the Romanian music scene, focusing on its extreme manifestations within the experimental trend, be it acoustic, electroacoustic or purely electronica.

— Miron Ghiu