Maria Persu & Tatiana Moise

Maria Persu (b. 2000) is a student and freelance art & culture journalist (Scena9, SAVAGE Journal). She studies philosophy and political science at University College London. Her main interests lie within environmental aesthetics, multi-species sociology, and the politics of everyday life. Her undergraduate dissertation will focus on how consumption of 'exoticized' foods participated in constructing the sociopolitical realities and discourses of early post-socialist Romania.

Tatiana Moise (b. 1985) studies art history and theory at UNARTE Bucharest and the Paris 1 Sorbonne. Interested in the recent history of art and the dynamics of the international art scene, she pursues in her MA thesis research the absent presence of the gallery/museum invigilator, who has become an indispensable, albeit invisible character, and the way movements like @cancelartgalleries bring into discussion key topics for contemporary art, such as discrimination, exploitation and abuse. In her spare time, she gets involved in social and educational actions together with the MATKA association.