Diana Marincu

Diana Marincu is a curator and art critic, member of AICA and IKT, Artistic Director of Art Encounters Foundation in Timișoara. Her recent exhibitions include: At the edge of the world (co-curator: Ciprian Mureșan), Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara (2022); Michele Bressan, THERE ARE NO BAD TRIPS, ONLY FEAR, Strata Gallery, Bucharest (2022); I feel something, don’t know what (co-curator: Magda Kardasz), Art Ecounters Foundation, Timișoara and Zachęta Project Room Warsaw (2021); Harun Farocki & Antje Ehmann, Reality Would Have to Begin, Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara (2020); Persona, MUCEM, Marseille (2019); Manufacturing Nature / Naturalizing the Synthetic, Frac des Pays de la Loire (2018).