Miguel Ángel Vargas

Miguel Ángel Vargas, 1978, Spain. Art historian and theater director: Translates the stories of the Roma-Gitanos from the countryside of Lebrija and Jerez, the two cities he comes from, to the current stages (flamenco and theater). Director, scenographer, actor, manager or screenwriter of local or international artists and companies. He is researching on representation of Roma theater artists on stage (Sevilla and Cádiz, 1746-1845), and collaborates with international organizations like ERIAC or Central European University for the Roma emancipation through culture and art.

June 17, 2019

Performing Gitanidad (Romaniness) on Stage

Theatre, as the “newspaper of the poor,” and dance, as an expressive form often prone to exoticization, became vehicles of performance for the Spanish Gitano identity.

— Miguel Ángel Vargas