Gabriela Mateescu

Gabriela Mateescu is a Romanian artist and author who lives and works in Bucharest, working with video, installation, drawing and performance. Her work is feminist, autobiographical and self-referential, following the social and relational aspects of art, as a medium that creates affiliation, closeness and long-lasting friendships.

Gabriela is the founder of the collective cultural support group Nucleu 0000, that began as an initiative for her colleagues and generation to find spaces around the city to explore and exhibit and has grown to become an NGO, based on relational art, that constructs different projects around feminism, building artistic collectives, gatherings and workshops, interdisciplinarity, exhibitions, conferences, creating the context for artists to meet and collaborate.

She is the co-founder of the platform promoting Romanian digital artists and has coordinated a multitude of collaborative projects involving local artists, occupying different spaces and pop-ups.

Since 2020 Gabriela is Managing Editor, collaborator and designer for Revista ARTA.

December 7, 2023

The Indecis Space

Mimi Ciora and Sergiu Sas share how they started their career as space “coordinators”.

— Gabriela Mateescu