April 20, 2016


Scientist as Artist as Believer as Pursuer

The paper presents a type of being in the world, which I entitle the artist-scientist mode, a way of reacting to presence, event and occurrence, a paragon of existence. I am questioning the way of seeing and perceiving the world, the manners in which connections are made between aspects of the material surrounding us.


I am also focusing on needs and play and different modes of reacting to the observations we make, the solutions we propose, the jokes we make and about seriousness-ing joke and play or prolonging play on a lifetime run. Also, aspects of social skills, autistic approach, the relationship with oneself, listening and reinterpreting are placed in the spotlight for a better understanding of the artist-scientist way.


While a regular person would pass by going directly towards a task earlier self-proposed, not observing details, the view of an artist-scientist would stay and focus on every new or old piece of information, seeing it from different angles, trying to understand it and its mechanisms, translating the information into larger or smaller scale phenomenons, comparing it to other forms of manifestation, to historical aspects or to personal experiences.


The artist-scientist gaze is one of the triggers of creativity, doubled by the patience, the pausing of everything else, of the everyday life and needs, the immersion in the problem or object of astonishment. While observing the wonders, the scientist-artist knows that the unbelievable is possible and explainable, even if, sometimes, it takes hundreds of questions and thoughts and possibilities, and other times just following the stream of the unconscious push in acting, without knowing exactly why you do, where the inspiration came from, and which is the exact purpose of doing.

 Einstein said that the secret of creativity lies in the ability to hide one’s sources – this can happen voluntarily or without intention, coming out of information accumulated in time, that comes out activated by something in the present. But what changes a one-second though into innovation is what you do after that one minute. You could laugh and say that it is a funny idea, and than forget about it, going on with your own pre-planned actions, either you believe or not in the possibility of its coming into life. Risk, Curiosity and Letting Go of The Future are three key-aspects that define the reaction of the scientist-artist towards the own observations or intrigues. The scientist-artist has no definition of time, it takes how long it takes to get further, to know more or to see what happens if. Experiment and non-attachment to ‘values’ of the world run through the scientist-artist’s blood. The scientist-artist does what he wants and believes in what he desires to believe, even if the rest of the world is all laughter or see him as an obsessed alienated being. The scientist-artist feels joy and passion being with the matter, to an extent that other more adapted people could not understand. It is amazement, love, sensibility, power and belief.


Marina Albu

My name is Marina Albu. I am 30 tired years old. I was born in Constanța, where I went to nursery, school, then high-school; then I went to Bucharest to college. It was weird for me in all of these i...


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