#60-61 Hedda Sterne

“The dossier of this issue of ARTA magazine is structured around the painter Hedda Sterne. Born in 1910 in Bucharest, active at a very young age in the Romanian avant-garde movement, alongside Victor Brauner, Marcel Iancu, and M.H. Maxy, introduced to the French surrealism of the 1930s, but settling in New York in 1941, where she discovered abstract expressionism and abstractionism, Hedda Sterne is a fascinating personality who deserves being introduced in the international modernist canon.”


Magda Cârneci


Marina Oprea

Marina Oprea (b.1989) lives and works in Bucharest and is the current editor of the online edition of Revista ARTA. She graduated The National University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, with a background i...