#42-43 UAP Awards

”The Romanian Artists’ Union Awards 2018 showcase the year’s visual arts achievements in all their diversity. The award also aims to consolidate the collaborative tradition we have had with the Ministry of Culture, which can ensure the continuity of the project and, we hope, its expansion, including it into the larger scheme of an international art salon with awards, grants for young artists, and the selling of works for state collections, following the model of the interwar Official Salons.” Petru Lucaci

The magazine also includes two interviews with Cătălin Bălescu and Mihai Zgondoiu, numerous reviews of Romanian exhibitions such as “24 arguments” at MNAR, “Mattis-Teutsch” at Scena9 Bucharest Residence, “Iulian Mereuță” at MNAC, a wide range of reviews for international exhibitions including “Victor Brauner” exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, “Brâncuși” at BOZAR Brussels, “La Fondazione Roma”, “Tim Walker” at Victoria and Albert Museum London and the mapping of some of the most recent cultural events in Romania.


Redacția Revista ARTA

The team of young editors, working together towards a better understanding of Romanian contemporary art!...