Call for curatorial projects at the Paintbrush Factory in Cluj

The Paintbrush Factory Federation aims at expanding its program with a new project space. Conceived as an independent platform, the project space is dedicated to experimenting with new working formats and exhibition models, based on the process of art making and on a new field of reference, distinct from a gallery or a classic white cube. Through this new project, The Paintbrush Factory tries to provide an open context and to encourage collaborations through curatorial programs, artistic projects (individual or collective), interdisciplinary approaches and exchanges between artists, curators, performers, cultural managers, etc. The space will function, by rotation, as a platform for independent curators, as a residency space for artists and collaborative projects initiated by them or other cultural actors coming from various fields, as well as a laboratory dedicated to art research.


The Paintbrush Factory’s new project space organizes between 25 April and 15 May 2016 an open call addressed to curators interested in innovative curatorial methods and approaches, grounded in the research of the last ten years of art making. The applications should focus on organizing a group exhibition (minimum 2 artists) or a series of events (workshops, discussions, film projections, performances, etc.) involving young artists and taking place between 10th of June and 10th of July 2016.


Criteria for the selection of the curatorial project:

  • The relevance of the proposed project for the contemporary art context from Cluj and Romania, emphasizing a clear identification of the target group and local actors involved in the project
  • Innovative themes and ideas to be approached trough the proposed exhibition or events (workshops, talks, performances, film projections etc.)
  • The involvement of the local artistic community in the proposed project
  • Interdisciplinary approach of the proposed project through the connection of visual arts with other fields
  • The dialogue with local cultural actors and knowledge of the context
  • Clear curatorial methodology and logistical structure
  • The artistic quality of the curatorial project
  • Innovative approach of the physical given space


Required documents:

– Resume and curator portfolio containing images from previous exhibitions (if applicable; for emerging curators, a resume is sufficient)

– Portfolio of nominated artists

– Exhibition concept (max. 500 words)

– Other information – drawings, 3D simulations, videos – can subsequently be adjusted

– An estimated budget within 8.000 lei


Further information for candidates:

– No participation fee

– Suggested budget lines: exhibition production (materials for modifying the space, technical equipment etc.), curator fee, artist fees, accommodation, transport etc.

– Projects proposed by artists are eligible, provided that they do not include their own work in the project

– Applications can be sent by email at with the subject “Call for curatorial projects 2016”; for any questions or further information, use the same email contact, with the subject “Information call for projects 2016”

– The jury will consist of members of the Paintbrush Factory Federation and independent curators whose names, to be announced later

– All applicants will be informed about the results between 20-25 May.


For more information: website | Facebook  | email


The event is part of the project – Contemporary Art and Culture for Communities, coordinated by The Paintbrush Factory, and supported by a grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government.

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